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As somebody once said: "I joined a Health Club last year and spent about $500. Haven't lost a pound. Apparently you have to show up"!

Here are some words from a few of my clients over the years who did!


"We have known Tatjana for approximately 3 years. During this time Tatjana has acted as our personal trainer averaging three times per week in our home. We have found her inspirational, motivating, totally supportive and extremely knowledgeable about health and nutrition and the way in which the body works, We highly recommend her to any and all who may be interested in improving their energy, developing some tone or building new muscle. In short we think she is a superb trainer".

Ansel & Judy Fleisher


"Tatjana Scholl is the epitome of professional personal training. With her depth of knowledge on physical fitness, she patiently explains each exercise, ensures that the body is properly aligned to prevent injury and to target the correct muscle group. In addition she compliments this knowledge with nutritional guidance to optimize results.... She helped me set realistic goals and timeline. She then tailored and individualized workout programs that were specifically geared toward my intended results avoiding plateauing. She also gave sincere concern with consistent motivation. With her comprehensive personal training I was able to achieve my physical fitness goals.I highly recommend Tatjana's services".

Addy Angelico


“When I began working with Tatjana Scholl my initial goal was not to lose weight but to tone my muscles and increase strength. After 5 weeks of weight training and light aerobic workouts I began to see results. But that was only the beginning. Under Tatjana's guidance I continued lifting weights, increased the intensity of my aerobic exercise and adhered to a high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate diet. The results were better than I could have imagined. Not only did I increase muscle tone, giving my body a new and better shape, but I also lost fat percentages and inches. I was stronger and felt better physically and mentally than I ever had before .....Thank you Tatjana Scholl for helping me achieve and maintain my fitness goals".

Gretchen H. Bender


“Several months ago I decided I wanted to get in shape. The years I have spent working as a writer, hunched over a computer day after day had taken their toll on my body. Since I started working out with Tatjana my body has taken on a new look and feel. I am stronger than I have ever been and I find I have much more energy, drive and positive feelings about myself and my overall health ... Besides her skill as a trainer, Tatjana is a confident and conscientious person ... Her positive attitude about the changes people can make in all areas of their lives has helped me greatly. She has given me the guidance to not only improve my body, but my mind and attitude as well. I highly recommend her"

Tom Jennings


I have had the good fortune of working with Tatjana Scholl for two years. As my personal trainer Ms. Scholl functioned as both an instructor and a consultant. Her expertise in strength training as well as nutrition were invaluable. I was able to make significant improvements in both strength and body composition. I have never felt better. I would recommend Ms. Scholl without reservation.".

Leonard G. Carlson D.D.S..


“..... My original reason to contact Tatjana was to get a more personalized training program. My prior trainer had me doing the same program each visit. I wanted variety and more personal interest in my progress. I got that and more with Tatjana. Tatjana provided guidance with my workouts as well as my nutrition program. I went from a size 8 to a size 4 and now maintain at size 6. I am so pleased with my "Body by Tatjana". Physical endeavors have never been my forte. I needed her motivation and good humor to stay with it. You are fortunate to have Tatjana in your neighborhood . Good Luck".

Debbie Mischung


I have trained with Tatjana for over 4 years and am happy to recommend her to any potential clients. She is a highly qualified professional with expertise and insight into many aspects of fitness. She has a thorough understanding of how to train various and particular muscles, and structures her programs creatively and individually .... She is also very knowledgeable regarding nutrition and can recommend nutrition plans to help achieve one's fitness goals. She is sensitive and patient, yet disciplined - a good combination and inspiration for keeping your workout on course and persevering through minor setbacks. When I began working with Tatjana I was recovering from a broken wrist and suffered bursitis in my shoulder. She was able to structure my workouts around my injuries and actually assist in my recovery while avoiding further injury. She was also able to target weak areas or muscle groups and plan our workouts to build up specific areas - again, that individual consideration. Congratulations on finding a great trainer!".

Teresa L. Walters

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