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"We all need reminders of the Basics from time to time. Fitness is about many things - Ton­ing, Flexibility, Strengthening, Motivation, Endurance, Nutrition, Cardiovascular Health, Con­ditioning, etc.  I blend all those things together to construct the right program for you, tailored to your needs - and as I always say: 


Keep it Simple, stick with the Basics and get Results. With Manifesting Fitness you will ... I guarantee it!"

Tatjana Scholl (Oldham)


           PERSONAL TRAINING - How My Program Works

We are individuals, and as individuals we have different needs when it comes to achieving a high fitness level and good overall health. I will initially conduct a complete fitness assessment with every client. This encompasses an interview and evaluation session with you to determine your goals, your eating habits, your outlook, your vital statistics, and your cur­rent level of fitness. This information is used to assess where you currently are, where you want to be, and what it will take to get you there. A customized training program is then made just for you that incorporates nutrition and training designed to help you achieve your goals as quickly and effectively as possible. Your training program is in written form and yours to keep and use for the rest of your life. As you progress in your training, your program is constantly updated to reflect your gains and push you further.

I will discuss theory and practice with you, ensuring that you not only execute your exercises properly, but also so that you understand why you execute them in a specific way - in other words, I'll explain "When you do "This", it is doing "This Thing'"to This Specific Body Part and Here is why". Understanding is power!

From Nov 2008 to May 2009!
            GUARANTEED RESULTS - Choose your Trainer wisely


Nothing can help you reach your fitness objectives more effectively or faster than working one-on-one with an experienced, enthusiastic, qualified trainer! Finding that trainer in an industry oversaturated with trendy fads, misleading information, and "weekend-certified­ professionals" can be very difficult and costly! But finding the right trainer with a sound training philosophy and execution can bring you astounding measurable results in the fastest time possible!

Whatever your training background, novice or seasoned, my sessions will be both tough and enjoyable and most importantly they will get you the results your aiming for  - I am one of the very few trainers who guarantees results If you stick to your program! 

Image: Marina's Transformation in just 6 months! Way to go girl!



I believe that if a client has knowledge, they have power. No trainer should just put a client through the motions without giving that client the information necessary to under­stand why they're doing what they're doing.

My mission is to make sure you get that knowledge. I reinforce this with each session and I can offer  ongoing informational workshops and seminars, for your Club, Organization or Group to teach you what you need to know. If you understand fitness theory, the things you do in your training will make sense and allow you to really focus on the "act of doing" in a way that makes the technique most effective! 

             ONE ON ONE TRAINING - Personalized Just For You


I am very flexible and accommodating in offering you a program that works for you! My goal is to offer you choices so that you can find something that is affordable, conve­nient and something that you can stick with! Very few trainers offer such a variety of op­tions. I want you to feel good and get in top shape!

My one-on-one Personal Training sessions are typically for 90 minutes and conducted two to three times a week.

 Additionally, you will be given a hardbound Training Manual which will include your Exercise Program & Routines, Nutrition Guidelines and possibly an Aerobic Plan to follow at home on your "non-session" days, and many other materials to help you on your journey to a lifetime of fitness. If you have never worked with a personal trainer before, you will love the one-on-one training experience and what it does for you both mentally and physically. Although you will defi­nitely work hard, sessions are easy to get through and I'm there with you every step of the way.

My Be Fit For Life® Training Manual

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            TAKE CARE OF THE BODY - It's the only one we have!

The only material that is truly valuable and worth being treasured is the Human Body. The Body is the vehicle needed for us to exist in this world and the home of our Minds and Spirits.

The Body is also the only material thing that we can't replace. Without our Bodies, we can't be here. If our Bodies break beyond repair we have to leave this world. No matter how suc­cessful we are, or how much money we have, when it comes to Bodies we all get the same share,  just "one" of them!

Therefore it makes sense to do everything possible to take care of this one and only body and to do everything possible to keep it in shape.  Mind and Body must work together to keep us fit and healthy.

Image: after a debilitatng accident and months in a wheelchair, I worked wth Bill E. to rebuild his body

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