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About Me

With my beloved appendix Horse - Lefty

Here I am with my beloved Lefty, in Arizona - he was my teacher and best friend for 13 years, until he passed in 2012. Today, my husband  and I live in Platanillo  de Barú, Costa Rica and we brought with us our two wonderful 11 yr old Off-Track Thoroughbred Geldings, Proud (AKA "Make Us Proud") and Decar (AKA "Decar Run)" who we rescued after their careers on the track were over and we have now retrained them for the Trail. Just as we take care of our bodies, we must protect our fragile environment and take care of our planet too - after all, like our bodies, it's the only one we've got!



As a Fitness Consultant I have worked and still work with people of all ages, shapes and condition, including people that battle with conditions like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, fi­bromyalgia, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, obesity, unhealthy life-styles, asthma, cancer, the list is endless. Never have I met anybody that was not able to engage in some form of resistance training and I don't believe that there is one person out there that would not or could not benefit from it. To me weight training is an art and our bodies are the sculptures.

I also offer a program esepecially crafted for the Equestrian - horse lovers care so much for the condition and fitness of their horses sometimes they can omit to take good care of themselves! My Fit 4 My Horse® Program is for all of us who need to keep up with their horses!


       Give yourself a gift and the next time you go out shopping for material things make it iron instead of diamonds!



There are many ways to keep your body in shape, which means there should be a "doable" way for everybody and Every Body.

Nevertheless, in the more than 30 years that I have spent living and learning the art of health and fitness, nothing has come as close to perfection (in combining all the components necessary to be in shape) than another material that holds a lot of "true value." The material I am talking about is cold, hard, heavy, masculine, inex­pensive and very effective. Steel, Iron .......Weights!

Weight training is essential to our physical capacity, injury prevention, re­habilitation, metabolic function and physical appearance.


Weight training supplies all the components of fitness which are the components we need to keep our vehicles going.  These components are: Muscle Endurance, Muscle Strength, Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility and Body Composition.


In the right setting weight training can be both extremely relaxing, fun and very up lifting at the same time - delivering real & lasting benefits for the body and mind 


Increase in Density of both Muscle Fibers, fast-twitch (strength) and slow-twitch (endurance). It is a fact that people who don't engage in any form of resistance training will lose approximately one pound of muscle tissue a year after the age of twenty-five.

Increase in Metbolic Rate: For example a weight training routine (done right) will raise your metabolic rate during your workout and keep it raised for 24-48 hours after your workout.

Increase in Bone Density is possible only through resistance training and even though other forms of training can help to prevent bone loss, they can't improve it. 

Increase in Cardiovascular Fitness. A serious leg workout with weights will work your heart as effectively as a good intense aerobic workout.

Increase in Ligament and Tendon size, density and strength to prevent and rehabilitate injuries to the joints and surrounding tissues.

Increase in Flexibility through working the full range of motion. Weight training done right is stretching with resistance

            MY PHILOSOPHY


Keep it SimpleStick with the Basics and get REAL Results! - There are no fads, no gimmicks and no magical quick fixes in my pro­grams. It's about hard work done right and made fun. Hard work as in the right intensity, the right order of exercises, the right combination of training techniques - all of this being different for every single person. It's important to resist running from one gimmick to an­other. 

You are only able to stick with your training program if your subconscious mind accepts it. The subconscious mind is the child inside of us. Willpower can get you started, but sub­conscious acceptance is the key to success.

Mind and Body - Mind and body work together and only if they work together can you be your best. Motivational tools are an important part of my approach and, depending on my client, I will include meditation, visualization, tools to change your attitude (attitude check) and affirmations in my training programs. I ensure you achieve some positive visible physical changes very early on because  VISIBLE RESULTS produce a healthy state of mind, motivation and positive reinforcement!

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