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Login Instructions

Here are the Login instructions for logging in to the Client Area of the website:

Please find below the log-in credentials for your private client area on my website, where you can set up your Profile and access all the materials relating to your participation in the Program



  1. Log on to the ManifestingFitness® website @

  2. Navigate to the "CLIENTS" tab on the top Menu Bar and click on "Client Login" from the drop down menu

  3. This will bring you to the "Client Access Page" - click on "Login"

  4. You will arrive at the "Login" screen. As you do not yet have login credentials, you will need to click on "Don't have an account? Sign up" at the bottom of the login box

  5. This will take you to the "Sign up" screen where you should enter your preferred email address, and a password of your own choosing, which you need to enter twice

  6. Click on "Go"

  7. You will see a submission success message on the screen and your registration request will be sent to the site administrator for approval. Once approved you will receive an email to your registered eMail address confirming your site member request was approved (please check your spam folder for this)

  8. You can then return to the website, and return to the "Client Access Page" page by clicking on the "CLIENTS" tab in the top menu bar and selecting "Client Login" from the drop down menu (as before)

  9. When you arrive at the "Client Access Page" page click on "Login" (as you did before) and this will take you to the "Login" page once more (you must be pretty bored with this by now!) where you can enter the eMail address and Password you set up in Step 5 above and press "Go". You will then have a "Logout" button and a "My Profile" button on the screen

  10. You now have access to all areas of the website which are reserved for Clients, and so whenever/if you encounter a login request, you can log in with your new password


BUT WE ARE NOT QUITE DONE yet! As you need to set up your own Profile Page which is where you can get private access to all the materials relating to your own training program and other information that is private to you. So, to do that (only a few more minutes!):


11. Click on the "My Profile" button

12. This will bring to your own personalized Profile Page, where I would ask you to fill in  the required fields to complete your Profile (required fields are outlined in red), and then click on "Save/Update" when done. But don't forget to upload your picture and please make some comments in the "say something..." box at the bottom - anything you like - your goals, your peeves ... anything you think that is important to you!

Note: It can take several minutes before your Profile Page is populated, so don't worry if you see one of those dreaded 404 Messages - "There's nothing there". Try again in a few minutes and you should be OK


That's it - you're in!


You will see buttons on your Profile Page where you can upload forms (some may have already been done for you) and view the on-line Version of your Training Manual (once it has been added to your profile by the website administrator), which you will discover is being updated during the course of your program. You can also access your Client Profile Form and your Tracking Progress info - I will update that from time to time too, when we review your progress. I will be adding more "links" to your Profile Page in the future for you to access additional information as and when it becomes available.


Thanks again for joining the program and hopefully my on-line tools will prove useful and fun for you on your journey to a Lifetime of Fitness and Well-Being!



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