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Welcome to Manifesting Fitness!


Hi, I'm Tatjana Scholl, former Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Germany - Bodybuilding / Physique.


I have dedicated over 25 years of my life to providing my clients with programs that involve training and nutrition specifics customized for each individual client. I work one-on-one with each client and every program, which varies from person to person,  is documented in detail and provided in book format for clients to take with them and use for the rest of their lives.

At times, it's tough to get started. Sometimes, it's hard to continue. Always, it's difficult to come back.

But remember this... when you train, you are giving yourself a gift! A lifetime gift that you deserve!

I will be with you all the way and start you on your journey to a lifetime of fitness and well-being.

Welcome and let's get going!

Yes, you can change your body - as you can see from this slideshow of some of my pictures over the years - from my competition years to today

Tatjana on TV -  Interview
Nutrition Counselling

Yes, you can !

My Bio - A Lifetime of Learning

Fitness Consultation -30+ years experience in Bodysculpting, Body Toning, Fitness Training, Muscle Strengthening, Flexibility Training, Endurance Training, Cardiovascular Training, Rehabilitation, Muscle Conditioning.

Nutrition Consultation -25+ years experience developing Weight Loss / Weight Gain pro­grams and developing Regimes for competitive Bodybuilders, Professional Athletes, Pro­fessional Actors and Models .... and private clients and professionals from all walks of life.

Professional Bodybuilding -7 years of competitive experience winning titles of Miss Ger­many, 1987; Miss Universe, 1989; and Miss World, 1989 before retiring from competition in 1990.

Formal education - Nutritional Science Studies, Anatomy, Rehabilitation, Physical Exercise and Progressive Fitness. 

One on One Training
Contact Me

Apdo. 629-8000

San José, Pérez Zeledón,

San Isidro de El General


For further details and pricing please contact me through the Contact Me tab on this site - or by using the BOOK NOW link at the top right of this page - and we can discuss setting up a program for you.

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